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Khushboo Garg runs her coaching, body work and training business from New Delhi, India, working with people in groups, in person and online and she facilitates classes, sessions and workshops on a wide variety of subjects. She has worked and trained all over the world.

Khushboo facilitates high-value, life-changing, transformative and energetic coaching and body work sessions. She is an absolute expert in shifting energy on mental, emotional and physical level with her own awareness, skills and the tools and processes of Access Consciousness® and other modalities such as Reiki, Inner Child Work and Emotion Release.

Khushboo’s workshops are high-energy, light, fun, hands-on, practical, magical, no spiritual ‘fluff’ or significance and have created a lot of change for a lot of people. The workshops and classes are to ‘EMPOWER YOU TO BE YOU’ – empower everyone’s awareness and to enable people to start acknowledging, recognizing and utilizing their own natural talents and abilities. To come out of the past and magically transform a ‘weakness’ or ‘wrongness’ into power and potency. Unleash Your Own Wizard!

Her sessions provide a way to practically change and transform any energy at rapid speed and to clear years and lifetimes of limitations in a heartbeat with the dynamic verbal clearing processes. Whether that is clearing the remains of childhood abuse, self-judgment and fear patterns, increasing the ability to receive more money, have better sex or healthier relationships…

So much more is possible with the methods she employs and so much change can be created in only an hour of playing with different tools and techniques.

Are you looking to inspire your life? Access more possibilities for you and your body?

Please browse through the subjects, free videos, Instagram and social media feed and other inspiration. You might find a workshop, seminar to your liking or maybe you would like to schedule a personal appointment or session.

What else is possible?

What people are saying

Shaira C.

“I have had several personal sessions with Khushboo and her ability to sense what my body and I require in the moment, blows my mind. Her facilitation in particular, is magical! She is very skilled at getting to the root energy of the so called problem and have it surface as an awareness so that it may clear from my energy field, if I so choose. I’d strongly recommend her for facilitation on any aspect of life. Her playful energies make the whole process rather fun and joyful. Imagine your problems melting away into a fun and frolic conversation with your facilitator 😉 That’s a session with Khushboo for you, in a nutshell!”